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HCV Myth Busters

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Linda Barnett

Thanks for this post. I look at HCV as a possibly life shortening virus, as it does damage ones liver. Have lived with it in my body for almost 50 yrs. Am now, of course being denied treatment due to the DRUG CO. GREED. Want to note, MANY people not having this virus are afraid to be IN a relationship with those whom do, (more likely heterosexual IE man and woman) in my experience. I was told that HCV is stamped on condom machines,equated with HIV; there is only less than 3% chance of infection

October 24, 2015


For so many years I was misdiagnosed, as I got sicker I was told I had mono, then it was chronic fatigue. The joint pain started and then I had fibromyalgia. Eventually I got a Hep C test and surprise I was positive. It took me getting real sick to get the right diagnosis.

October 12, 2015 Blackwood


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