Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Diagnosed with Hep C in 1996

My name is Gary, and I’ve had hep C for 15 years or more. Unfortunately, I also have cirrhosis. A couple of days ago I was approved for Harvoni to treat the hep C. The company that is supplying Harvoni actually called me today to tell me all the do’s and don’ts about my new medication. I’ve been told that Harvoni works really well with genotype 1 patients. I start next Monday morning, and I’m very happy to be given a second chance at beating this killer disease.

Thank God that there is finally something out there that can kill this virus. I’ve lost a lot of friends over the years to this disease. I would tell anyone who has it to pull out all the stops and do whatever it takes to get on this medication. For me it took a lot of patience, lab tests, scans, X-rays, etc., but I’m glad I did all the work. Now I can let this drug do what it’s supposed to do!

What is your greatest achievement?
Pulling myself up out of the gutter and getting off drugs

What is your greatest regret?
Trying to be the big shot using drugs

What keeps you up at night?
Worrying about the ones I love can keep me up at night.

If you could change one thing about living with viral hepatitis, what would it be?

The very first time I did injectable drugs

What is the best advice you ever received?
Grow up! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take responsibility for your problems.

What person in the viral hepatitis community do you most admire?

The people that I’ve been lucky enough to meet; my nurses over the years.

What drives you to do what you do?

Wanting to stay out of trouble and to stay away from certain people, places and things

What is your motto?
Try not to look back, and if you happen to take a glance, don’t get stuck there too long.

If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out?

My PlayStation 4

If you could be any animal, what would you be? And why?
A lynx, because they are survivors