There aren’t a lot of studies on this subject, but what we’ve seen so far is that better adherence to hep C treatment is associated with higher cure rates. However, we don’t have data on missing an occasional dose.

You aren’t the first to forget to take your hep C medicine, and likely won’t be the last. If you only missed a dose or two, your end-of-treatment results will likely be unaffected.

If you do forget to take your pills, it’s better if you take your medicine a bit late rather than not at all. Generally, it’s safe to take the scheduled dose late if it’s only a few hours past your scheduled time.

However, don’t take your medicine if it is close to your next dose, and never double up. Your pharmacist or medical provider can tell you if it is safe to take a late dose. The drug manufacturer’s helpline may also be able to help with this.

If you miss a dose, try not to worry about it. Worrying about your treatment outcome adds an unnecessary level of stress to your life, which is something no one needs.