Residents of St. Petersburg, Florida, have launched the Hep C Hope Campaign to raise nearly $100,000 for a local jazz musician’s hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment, Bay News 9 reports.

Linda Nash Stevenson has been in St. Petersburg’s music scene for more than 25 years, despite living with hep C for more than 30 years. Her health has deteriorated to the point that she can no longer play the flute every day.

The HCV drugs her doctor recommends, a combination of Sovaldi, Olysio and Ribavirin, could cure her. However, the drugs cost about $25,000 per month and her health insurance won’t cover the costs.

The Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign started by her daughter has already raised more than $4,000 for the treatment. A benefit jazz concert also has contributed. The campaign will continue through the fall.