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FDA OKs Merck’s Zepatier (Grazoprevir/Elbasvir) to Treat Hepatitis C

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anyone know if covered by insurances, or just another hopeful for those with money

February 12, 2016 arizona


To Adeeva- Merck has an assistance program. 866-251-6013 which may help you obtain Zepatier. Also agree with CL. I saw a new doctor today and he was pushing Viekera pak even though I cannot take it due to another health condition

February 4, 2016


Very high priced when so many are infected.

February 4, 2016

Barb stary

Are you people that are finalizing the use of these medicines living with illusions of granduare?! Americans aren't that wealthy! To whom are you addressing this too? I find it hard to believe an entire population of a hard working caring generation! It's an insult to the human race. So, the drug companies are causing the escalating costs of recovery?

February 4, 2016


The US government will do nothing! The pharmaceutical companies contributes to our politicians! I have been trying to get Harvoni , which costs over for over $100,000 for over a year. If you research the hep c meds you will find that insurance co. Work with pharm companies to pick and choose which Hep c medications they would cover . If u have insurance they should cover one of the 3 meds that r on the market. Good luck!!

February 4, 2016

peter fisher

Kudos to Merck for their contribution to the growing list of HCV treatment options and at a price that is a big improvement over Gileads and Abbie Vie. Pharma still has a long way to go to make treatment affordable and available to all but this is certainly a step in the right direction... Lets hope the current hearings in Washington over pricing will spur further accountability and fairness in pricing.

February 4, 2016


I read everything that comes out about Hep C treatments. Nothing that I have read says anything about treatment for Geno Type 2. Why is there nothing being addressed for those with Geno Type 2? With no insurance and no money and evidently no treatment for Geno Type 2, are these people just have to wait for the sting of death and suffer while waiting???

February 4, 2016 East Tennessee


Adeeva Each drug company has an assistance program and the cost is around $25 per month. Just call the assistance programs. Merck's price is lower than Gilead (Harvoni) or AbbVie. I did Merck clinical trial and have been undetected since Oct 2013. I was 79 and cirrhotic when I started my trial. It was so easy. I am so glad to see that Merck is finally FDA approved. I had/have no complaints about Merck. My treatment was virtually side effect free as been the time since treatment.

February 4, 2016 texas


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