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FDA Issues Warning About Kratom, an Opioid-Like Herbal Supplement

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I too, like the previous post, am very sceptical of the FDA/DEA warnings regarding Kratom. I have searched and found almost nothing in the way of scientific research on this herbal product. The overdoses appear to all involve ingestion of other drugs, frequently dangerous or prescription drugs. After understanding how big pharmaceutical companies contribute to the "opiate epidemic ", I am suspicious of government edicts regarding herbal supplement safety, or danger for that matter.

May 11, 2019 Colorado

Bayou Boys

I dont understand why Kratom getting a bad rap. Is the opioid manufacturers worried there sales will fall. people said they are no deaths from Kratom if you take to much you get a headache and throw up. please show something legal with the deaths linked to Kratom and the doctor signed and gave the cause of death Kratom. I am really starting to think it is all made up I have never saw any proof of these claims. Can you show anything? Thanks

February 4, 2019


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