People with hepatitis C virus (HCV) have a very high chance of achieving a cure of the virus with just eight weeks of Technivie (ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir) treatment, regardless of their HIV status, Infectious Disease Advisor reports.

Publishing their findings in the Journal of Viral Hepatology, researchers conducted a study of 30 people with hep C who had been infected with the virus for less than 12 months. All of them received Technivie for eight weeks, plus ribavirin if they had genotype 1 of the virus. Twenty-three (77 percent) of the participants were coinfected with HIV.

Twenty-nine (97 percent) of the participants achieved a sustained virologic response 12 weeks after completing therapy (SVR12, considered a cure). The only person who was not cured stopped treatment after two weeks because of a hospitalization for an unrelated event. Therefore, neither the participants’ HIV status nor their HCV viral load before treatment had any bearing on their chance of a cure.


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