Doctors at the Global Hospital in Mumbai, India, recently performed the first dual-lobe liver transplant. Two living donors gave up parts of their livers to save a 31-year-old man from end-stage liver disease, The Health Site reports. The man had advanced liver cirrhosis.

Since the patient was overweight, he needed a very large liver for a successful transplant. However, the cadaveric donor list did not offer an organ that was of suitable size. As a result, two family members got tested to become living donors. They both matched and each gave up a part of their liver for the man.

The three surgeries were done simultaneously in three separate rooms. The patient’s sister, 29, donated part of the right lobe of her liver. His uncle, 48, donated a portion of his liver’s left side. The entire transplant process took 15 hours. The man was discharged 15 days after the transplant with a well-functioning liver.