Vale, North Carolina
Diagnosed with Hep C in 2002

The problem started 30 years ago when I had a hysterectomy and needed a blood transfusion. I never thought about that leading to any diseases. A year later, the hospital where I had the hysterectomy told me to get checked for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. No one said anything about getting checked for hepatitis C. Years later, I had many health issues and was diagnosed with hep C. I hated having hep C, especially when you tell the doctor that you’ve never used any kind of drug that might have given you hep C. They look at you like, “Yeah, she’s lying.” Then I was told that I probably got it through sex. However, I haven’t been with anyone but my husband, and he doesn’t have hep C. And on and on it goes.

I don’t care how I got it. I just want to get cured because I have been messing with this crap for many years now. They finally came out with a good treatment, and it’s so expensive that I will probably die before I can afford the meds. It seems like the doctors couldn’t care less. I am on disability and Medicare. I have Humana, but I’ll just have to wait and see if they will help pay for the treatment. My liver has some cirrhosis and inflammation and some swelling. I changed doctors, and the first thing my new doctor wanted to know was if I could afford the meds. I think you shouldn’t have to pay that kind of money in the first place. They tell you, “Yes, we have a cure for you. How much money is your life worth?”

What is your greatest achievement?

My family

What is your greatest regret?
That I trust people too much, especially doctors

What keeps you up at night?


What person in the viral hepatitis community do you most admire?

I do not know anyone else who has it but me

What drives you to do what you do?
My family keeps me strong

What is your motto?


If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out?
My family and animals

If you could be any animal, what would you be? And why?

It would be one of my dogs because they are also my family. They are all spoiled rotten. I have nine dogs, seven cats, three chickens and two horses. Best of all, I have 13 beautiful grandchildren and I want to see them grow up.