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Delaware Hepatitis C Increase Linked to Rise in Heroin Use

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Pam Bruce

I'm in my 4th month(out of 6) treating with the new Harvoni.I failed 2 interferon/ribavirin treatments.I don't even have any side affects!!!! But I know this treatment works best if you haven't treated before so I am worried.I wish the best for every hepper out there!! And yes so,so many people need to get tested!!!!!!!

August 30, 2015 Amarillo


it's no surprise to anyone with a brain that when they cut-off access to pharmaceutical opiates, there would be a surge in street heroin use. Wouldn't it be much safer to allow prescriptions of much safer pills?

August 27, 2015 Key West,FL

Johnny T

Is anybody really surprised at the uptick in heroin use since they just about cut off the supply of opiates that are SAFER

August 27, 2015 Key West


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