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Victrelis, Incivek Yield Low Hep C Cures Among Cirrhosis

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christine martinez

i completed treatment in 2010 of ribavirin and incivek. I was clear of the virus at my 8 week follow up after 48 weeks of treatment. I never returned for my 1 year blood check. I have had treatment 3 times prior to this with interferon and ribavirin. I wonder now if I am still clear or need to go see a doctor again. I had a very rough treatment, and have been able to work full time again. I have just been thinking about this a lot with all the ads on TV for the new treatments. thanks, from chri

May 19, 2015 roy

Thomas Do

My uncle had Hep C Genotype 1b,he fail Incivek and Victrelis, His liver is cirrhrosis. In future if FDA approve the new drugs, is that any treatment available for his condition (cirrhosis), This year he was 53 yrs old.Any hope for him ? Thank.Sincerely

November 17, 2013


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