Although New York State law bans professional mixed martial arts (MMA) matches, amateur fight rings across the state are taking off and could be putting fighters at risk for HIV, the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and other blood-borne illnesses, reports.

That’s because many of these matches, funded by private organizations and individuals, do not have any standardized medical regulations. As a result, fighters with HIV, hep C and other conditions—who are banned from all other MMA events across the United States—are able to step into the ring, no-holds-barred.

In 2013, at least 47 amateur MMA matches were held in New York State, with virtually no medical oversight from the New York State Athletic Commission. State lawmakers say they have been working on legislation for years to make the fights safe and legal; however, all attempts at passing a bill so far have died in deliberation.

To read the full Deadspin exposé, click here. It should be noted that HIV transmission in even a bloody sports setting is unlikely unless an infected person’s blood somehow gets under the skin of the opponent.