Maybe, but first it’s important to look at the cause of your fatigue. Your doctor can help you figure out why you are tired. For instance, he or she may ask if you are getting seven to nine hours of sleep on most nights. You may be screened for stress or depression. Your doctor may want to know if you are drinking enough water and exercising every day.

If there isn’t an obvious reason why you are tired, your doctor may order lab tests to check your blood cell count, thyroid and liver function, iron and B12 levels. If your iron or B12 levels are low, a supplement may be suggested. However, you should consult with your doctor before you start taking any supplements.

The best way to increase energy is to get adequate sleep and regular exercise. Drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet. Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee before 2 p.m. may also help. If these don’t work, your doctor can suggest supplements that may give you a little boost.