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Gilead Prepares to Submit Sovaldi/Ledipasvir Combo to FDA

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I'm entering my 6 weeks of treatment of sovaldi & rivabirin , interferon. So far my doctor told me that the medicine is working & showing a very significant results. The meds is not as bad as boceprevir. 6 weeks down 6 more to go. To all the people with hep c hang in there guys

April 30, 2014 San Diego


this is my 4th week for the combo drug trial studies. my viral load before starting was at 13,800,000. after first week it dropped to 12,000,000. after week 2 the load dropped to an amazing 1810. week 3 to 300. jan 6th I go in for the 4th week, and expect even less, if not zero. I also have been taking Ribavirin ( 6 tabs per day ) and it was reduced to 3 per day because of nausea & headaches. I had a transplant 4 years ago and had 40 weeks of interferon tx 10 years earlier with no response.

January 4, 2014 Abilene


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