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12 Weeks of Harvoni and Ribavirin Cures 96% of Cirrhotics With HCV

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I start treatment on january 25. Just wondering what to expect

January 11, 2018 Georgia


I am about to complete my 9th month of treatment for HCV. I am Geno 1a, cirrhosis slightly. First 3 months was given Harvoni only. No side effects, viral load undetectable after 8 weeks. HOWEVER, after another 3 months after completing the program, it returned. Changed doctor, which put me on 6 months of Harvoni and Ribavirin. I will complete this by mid-Jan2017. I have had great blood tests, tho my RBC count and platelets are a bit low. Viral load undetectable after 8 weeks again.

December 18, 2016 tampa

Sheila Tampa

I am about to complete 8 weeks of Harvoni + 6 tabs of Ribavirin. This is my second attempt for a SVR. (2015). I have started to have pressure in my temple and in my eyes & upper jaw. DR said these have nothing to do with this treatment. Funny it only hits me approx. one hour after pills. Is this anything to worry about?

September 25, 2016 Florida


I just this morning took my last dose of my 12 week Harvoni-Ribavirin regimen. How soon should I expect Ribavirin side effects to diminish? In other words, how long does it stay in my system?

January 3, 2016

Russell Iadanza

Gratfull to the VA . I was given Harvoni and Ribavirin 12 week treatment. I was intial told just Harvoni But ?? Ribavirin was added after Ultra Sound although the ultra sound seemed OK? Any thoughts would be appreciated I am concerned about side effects of the Ribavirin. TIA

September 23, 2015 Santa barbara


what if you do only 12 weeks of harvoni with cirrhosis?

May 14, 2015 St Petersburg

Gloria Guzman

I am almost finished with my twelve weeks of treatment with harvoni I am doing very well I am now undetectable after having 8 million ct of hep c viral load. I have both hiv/hep,

April 13, 2015 Brooklyn N.Y

robert peterson

This is encouraging for us who have Hep C. Will this be covered under insurance programs since the FDA approval? Is there any testing still being done which persons as myself might be eligible?

March 23, 2015 springfield


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