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Hep C Protease Inhibitor Incivek Is Safe, Effective for HIV Coinfection

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chris gray

are the protease inhibitors availible on the nhs at this time?

March 26, 2013 oxford

lisa hanna

I was diagnosed in 2002 with hcv . My viral load has been a see saw going from 3 million n something to 2 million n now 1 million n something . I had a biopsy in 2003 n was told I had fibrosis on the virge to cirrhosis . My new infectios diseaes doctor did a fibrosure test n my results came as stage 0-1 stage of hcv I am confused as to this , is it different labs making it different results or is my immune system fighting it ,I am also hiv poz undectable n 388 tcell count .

December 11, 2012 casselberry fl.


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