Here are the treatment news stories on Hep with the most views this year:

1. Early Trial of Experimental Hepatitis B Agent Sets Stage for Cure Research
Posted: April 20

2. Curing Hepatitis C Is Associated With a Reduced Risk of Death
Posted: April 20

3. Hep C’s Fatigue, Mood, Cognitive Symptoms May Be Autoimmune Related
Posted: September 24

4. People With Hepatitis B and C Should Get the Hep A Vaccination
Posted: May 15

5. Those Who Clear Hepatitis B Still Face Liver Cancer Risk
Posted: October 17

6. New Hepatitis C Drugs Have Reduced the Need for Liver Transplants
Posted: April 19

7. Treating Hep C Earlier Likely Saves Money, Improves Health Outlook
Posted: April 19

8. Curing Hepatitis C Is Tied to Rapid Improvements in Liver Stiffness
Posted: January 10

9. Experimental Hepatitis B Drug, JNJ-6369, Shows Promise in Early Trial
Posted: April 23

10. Adding Sovaldi and Ribavirin to Retreatment With Mavyret Beats Hep C
Posted: March 21

11. People With Well-Treated Hep B Have Similar Survival Rates to Those Without
Posted: February 20

12. AbbVie’s Mavyret Cures Hep C at High Rates in Real-World Analysis
Posted: April 13

13. Curing Hepatitis C Does Not Lead to Full Immune System Recovery
Posted: June 18

14. As Injection Drug Use Rises, So Does Hep C Transmission
Posted: January 22

15. Hepatitis C-Related Hospitalizations Are Rising
Posted: February 13

16. Medieval Mummy Was Infected With Hepatitis B
Posted: January 9

17. Treating Hep B Before Liver Cancer Surgery Improves Outcomes
Posted: August 7

18. Eight Weeks of Mavyret Is Highly Effective at Treating Hepatitis C
Posted: April 18

19. Even Those Cured of Hep C May Be at Continued Risk of Liver Symptoms
Posted: April 16

20. Those Treated With Newer Hep C Drugs Have Lower Non-Liver Cancer Rates
Posted: May 7