Here are the top hepatitis stories by pageviews this year:

1. Breakthrough: Non-Interferon/Ribavirin Regimen Can Cure Hep C
Posted: April 4

2. Gilead’s Hep C Combo Therapy Shows 100% Cure Rate in Small Study
Posted: November 14

3. Efficacy of 12-Week GS-7977/Ribavirin Combo for Hep C Geno 1 Varies by IL-28B Status
Posted: April 23

4. Hep C Now Trumps HIV as Cause of Death in U.S.
Posted: February 21

5. Daclatasvir, Sofosbuvir Combo Boasts High Hep C Cure Rates Across Genotypes
Posted: November 20

6. Interferon-Free BMS Combo Yields 77% Cure Rate in Geno 1 Hep C
Posted: April 24

7. Experts Issue Early Guide for Hep C Protease Inhibitor Therapy in People Living with HIV
Posted: January 3

8. Interferon-Free Gilead and BMS Combo Shows High Cure Rate Potential
Posted: April 20

9. Hepatitis C Antiviral Treatments May Prevent Liver Cancer
Posted: October 29

10. Incivek, Victrelis Associated With Serious Side Effects in Cirrhotic Patients
Posted: April 24

11. Incivek, Victrelis Studies Hint at Superior Cure Rates in HIV/HCV Coinfection
Posted: March 6

12. Marker of Active Hep B Infection Declines in Those Coinfected with HIV, Treated with Tenofovir
Posted: March 20

13. Cholesterol-Reducing Statins, Other Meds to Be Avoided With Hep C Protease Inhibitors
Posted: March 1

14. PILOT Study: Three-Month Interferon-Free Regimen Cures 9 of 11 Geno 1, IL-28B CC Hep C Patients
Posted: April 23

15. TMC435 Boosts Cure Rates in Previously Treated Geno 1 HCV Patients
Posted: April 19

16. Clearing or Curing Acute HCV Does Not Protect Against Reinfection
Posted: March 26

17. Novel Lambda Peg-Interferon Has Safety Edge Over Approved Peg-Interferon
Posted: April 20

18. Victrelis Shows Effectiveness for Prior Treatment Null Responders
Posted: April 19

19. Hep C Protease Inhibitor Incivek Is Safe, Effective for HIV Coinfection
Posted: November 15

20. Abbott’s Interferon-Free Hep C Regimen Boasts Over 90% Cure Rates
Posted: November 13