Here are the most viewed news stories on in 2011:

1. Breakthrough: Non-Interferon/Ribavirin Regimen Can Cure Hep C
Posted: April 4

2. FDA Approves Incivek (Telaprevir), Second New Hep C Drug
Posted: May 23

3. Coffee Helps Minimize Hepatitis C Treatment Side Effects
Posted: September 16

4. Boceprevir Effective in Advanced Fibrosis or Cirrhosis
Posted: April 8

5. FDA Approves Merck’s Hep C Drug Victrelis
Posted: May 16

6. Cyclophilin Inhibitor Alisporivir Shows Promise in Phase II Hep C Study
Posted: April 1

7. Telaprevir, Boceprevir for Hep C Approaching FDA Finish Line
Posted: March 16

8. New Hep C Treatment Guidelines Spell Out Incivek and Victrelis Use
Posted: October 7

9. Drinking Coffee Doubles Hep C Treatment Responses
Posted: June 7

10. Hepatitis C Surpasses HIV as Cause of Death in U.S.
Posted: November 10

11. Fair Pricing Coalition Says Vertex’s Incivek Price ’Outrageous’
Posted: May 25

12. Telaprevir Greatly Boosts Early Hep C Treatment Responses in HIV-Coinfected Patients
Posted: March 2

13. Interferon-Free Hep C Drug Combo Now Being Studied
Posted: June 2

14. DRACO: A Broad-Spectrum Therapy Against Multiple Viruses
Posted: August 12

15. Cholesterol Drug Statin May Improve Standard Hep C Treatment Efficacy
Posted: April 12

16. New Interferon Boosts Efficacy, Reduces Side Effect Risk
Posted: April 5

17. WHO World Hepatitis Day Report: One in 12 Living With Chronic Hep B or C
Posted: July 27

18. Merck’s Victrelis Gets FDA Panel Nod of Approval
Posted: April 27

19. Telaprevir, Boceprevir for Hep C Approaching FDA Finish Line
Posted: March 16

20. Once-Daily HCV Protease Inhibitor Meets Efficacy and Safety Goals in Phase II Studies
Posted: April 1